There’s a Bravecto for every breed and size

Chew for Dog > 4.5-10kg

Chew for Dog 10-20kg

Chew for Dog 2-4.5kg

Chew for Dog 20-40kg

Spot-on for Dog > 4.5-10kg

Spot-on for Dog 10-20kg

Spot-on for Dog 2-4.5kg

Spot-on for Dog 20-40kg

Spot-on Plus for Cat > 2.8 – 6.25 kg

Spot-on Plus for Cat 1.2 – 2.8kg

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Impawtant Facts

  • Comes in a tasty, no-mess chew for dogs.
  • One chew protects your dog for 3 months against ticks, fleas, and mites.
  • One tube of Spot-on protects your dogs and cats for 12 weeks against ticks and fleas.
  • Spot-on dries quickly and gives your cat an all-round great appearance.
  • Works within hours to control pre-existing tick infestations (within 12 hours) and fleas (within 8 hours).

Why Bravecto Is Furfect

  • Simple to manage as it lessens treatment sessions to 4 per year.
  • Peace of mind knowing that protection lasts for 3 months or 12 weeks.
  • Easy to administer with its tasty chew form or Spot-on tube.

Protection For

Clawsome Tips: How To Give Bravecto To Your Furbabies

Bon A-pet-Treat

Give it as a tasty treat after a great big hug.
Make sure to give another hug after!

Mix it with food and let your dog enjoy
the meal!

Snuggly Meow-ments!

Apply a tube of Spot-on between the shoulders
for a mess-free treatment.